Hi there. Pleasure to meet you.

My name is Kelley. I’m a Senior Project Manager for the company that operates Wirecutter and Sweet Home. Before that, I was a Software Web Strategist for a WordPress development company. Before that, I was a Production Manager for a software company in Huntington Beach, CA. Before that, I was an associate broker and branch manager for Thompson’s Realty in Tucson, AZ. But before that, I was a software engineer who worked in Quality Assurance, which means it was my job to find all the problems in the software before it got to our customers.

I like science and technology and figuring out how things work. I like to take things apart and make new things. I’m a detail oriented perfectionist – I like things to be right, and I like them to work as well as they possibly can. I like to test them and make them better.

This site is whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  No promises as to content or cohesiveness.  Just go with it, okay?