Believe the actions, not the words.

In many ways, I’m an idealist. An optimist. I want to believe the best in people. People are nice, respectful, and well-intentioned. Their words match their actions. There are not hidden agendas. In my world, high trust is the default mode of operation.

I maintain this perspective by never reading comments on anything online, clearly. I ask you to afford me my idealistic beliefs.

I’m proud of them, quite frankly. I believe in my team, in my clients. I want to believe and foster the best in people. I believe in clarity of intent, in honest, open discussion, and in the presentation of a true picture of where you stand and what you represent.

I don’t want to be jaded and cynical. I want to believe. And at the end of the day, I want others to believe in me. To see the congruence between what I say and what I do. I refuse to stop kicking when I’m put in a position where actions don’t match stated values. I will carry my little naive torch, and be an example of what I expect to see in others.

It’s not always easy to live your values. Perhaps I just needed to remind myself of that today. Being accountable is a beautiful thing.

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