I’ve been wrangling my feed reader today – culling, adding, focusing, absorbing. Admittedly, recently, the only category of feeds that were read with any regularity was the “entertaining” category. Followed by the “crossfit” and “paleo” categories. This may explain my exuberance for my workouts, and my general sense of malaise at work. I’ve been uninspired.

And that’s no fun for anyone.

So it’s time to feed my brain some new information. I cut several older real estate categories. Trimmed the entertaining feeds to those that I enjoy most. And I beefed up my agile, analytics, and CRO related feeds. I added far more than I can reasonably consume, but I’ll spend the next few weeks evaluating which I enjoy, and will unsubscribe individually to those that are more noise than signal.

Let’s see what happens if I soak my little brain in some new voices.

What do you do for inspiration?

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