the answer is always more data

I’m convinced the answer is always in the data.  At least, as far as generating business is concerned.

There’s a whole treasure of answers, just sitting there waiting – you just have to have the analysis cycles in place to take advantage of it. 

Do you know what people are searching for most often in your particular vertical?  Have you figured out which keyword battles are worth fighting?  Do you have a strategy in place to fight those battles – and a system in place to keep you informed and accountable to your progress?

Can you tell me, right now, without researching your analytics for an hour – which source of traffic to your site converts most often to business?  Or which keywords convert best?  What’s your most highly trafficked page, and does it support your business goals?

Are you talking to your customers using the kinds of words they prefer?

Have you checked, recently?

And if you have, what did you do about it, and is it working?  Do you know?

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  1. This post looks to be the likely start of a what turned into your presentation yesterday at WordCamp OC on Analytics. Thanks for sharing your insights and frustrations. Your session was one of the better ones in my opinion.


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