We can’t all possibly be the expert, all the time.

This video has been making the rounds via social media:

It’s painful and hilarious at the same time.

The thought that niggles at the back of my brain is how everyone identifies with the expert – and we can’t all possibly be the expert.  Surely, there are times that we play each role in this little spectacle, to some degree or another.  We aren’t all experts at everything.  We can’t possibly be.  At some point, we must all say something incredibly backwards and painful to real experts, and cause in them the frustration and disbelief portrayed here.

Our reaction as ‘expert’ when we come across these situations is important.  Are we able to gently teach and clarify without making another party feel dumb or – worse – attacked?  Can we speak plainly and communicate well?  That’s such a vital skill. It is well worth our time to focus on developing and nurturing this skill in ourselves, and in our teams.

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