Failing at Full Screen February. Already.

5 minutes into my first meeting, and I’ve already failed at Full Screen February.

I was mostly on the meeting to report on any status questions asked, while the account managers negotiated a contract. And so I busily applied myself to organizing a different project for the week, while they discussed.

And then I realized what I was doing. And that it is already February. And that I had better pay attention before one of my team called me on my behavior!

The lure of the second monitor is strong. I managed to finally ignore it, but then I wanted to pick up my pen and start a todo list for the day. I kept picking up my pen and putting it back down.

So fidgety.

I sat down at 10pm last week – not tired enough to sleep, not wanting any screentime – and picked up a book. It’s a book I’ve read before, and enjoyed. It was so hard to get through even just a few pages. The author writes in a style somewhere between sparse and flowery – descriptive, setting the scene, adding information to build the mental image, but not really integral to the plot.

And so I kept skipping forward, waiting for the next sentence that would further the plot. I kept having to stop and re-read. I mean, if I’m reading the book, I should *read* the whole dang book. It was so hard to make myself stop and look at every word, to not skim, but to take it all in. I got so frustrated with myself, with my lack of focus on the one thing I was trying to do.

Full Screen February will be harder than I thought.


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